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SUPERMAN: The Man of Steel Limited Edition Fine Art Giclee on Canvas (Deluxe)

SUPERMAN: The Man of Steel Limited Edition Fine Art Giclee on Canvas (Deluxe)

Title: THE MAN OF STEEL by Joe Petruccio.

Medium: Limited Edition DC Comics Licensed Fine Art Giclee on Canvas

Edition Size: 125

Hand Embellished, Signed and Hand Numbered by the Artist


    "The Man of Steel" is released as a fine art Giclee on canvas created from an original painting by DC Comics licensed artist Joe Petruccio.


    Deluxe Format Edition: 9 Artist Proofs, 125 Giclees

    Art Size: 40 x 30"

    Framed Size: 51 x 38"
    Each Deluxe Edition has been hand signed, hand numbered, and Hand Embellished by the artist.


    Artist Proofs come in a framed version only. Each Artist Proof is Heavily Hand Embellished by Joe, hand signed, hand numbered and will include a hand drawn special original dedication on verso.


    In Joe's own words, describing his inspiration for "The Man of Steel" ... "Superman is my favorite superhero of all time. I wanted to create a classic moment without nodding to any particular actor that has protrayed him or artist's style that has drawn him. So, if I was around the moment Clark Kent became Superman, I think the first thing I'd notice is the power behind that shirt being ripped opened revealing that mighty "S". I probably wouldn't even notice his face at first. That is why I painted all attention to the main stage."

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