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If I had the opportunity to get my hands on one ticket to see Elvis, it would have been a ticket to the ’68 Comeback. At the time I was way too young to go by myself and getting tickets to shows hadn’t yet entered my lifestyle yet.

This year, for the 50th Anniversary of that special event, I thought I would get a ticket and make it special by turning it into a piece of my art.

I love the connection I feel when I actually paint or draw on things from memorabilia to a simple paper cup ,subscription card from a magazine or even a part of a newspaper page.

I feel like it helps keep an “artful” history of things I love. Being able to share this passion of mine for pop culture is something I truly love.

My “That’s the Ticket” Limited edition has been very successful and I’m glad I am able to share it with just 68 special collectors. I know there are just a few left and I’m hoping that collectors of my Elvis and other art were able to make the investment. It’s an important piece of Rock and Roll history captured in my own personal way.

Elvis Presley - THAT'S THE TICKET Framed 1968 Comeback Special Giclee

Title: THAT'S THE TICKET by Joe Petruccio.

Commemorating Elvis's '68 Comeback Special held on June 29, 1968.

Medium: Giclee on Paper

Limited Edition: 68

Hand Signed and Numbered by the artist

Framed Size: 13 x 17"

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