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Catch It if You Can. Swoboda Did.

Catch it if You Can. Swoboda Did. Illustration by Joe Petruccio

"In the ninth inning of Game 4, Mets right fielder Ron Swoboda made a diving, desperate catch whose degree of difficulty was off the charts. Had he missed the ball — a line drive off the bat of Brooks Robinson — the Orioles would have taken the lead. As it is, Frank Robinson tagged up and scored after the catch, beating Swoboda’s throw home. But that only tied the score, and the Mets won an inning later."

I'm proud to have worked with The New York Times on this Amazing section posted today on my beloved NY Mets and the 1969 World Series. I've been so blessed to get the chance to do this.

Comparing the Series

1969 vs. 2018

In both years, the World Series lasted five games, but the similarities pretty much ended there. Daytime games then, nighttime now. Complete games then, an army of relievers now. And so on. However, each Series did have a first baseman who excelled and did so with virtually the same statistics. What was very different was the vehicle they drove away with as the Series M.V.P.

Comparing the Series 1969 vs 2018 Mets Illustrations by Joe Petruccio

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